Known as the Jesus Lizard because of its ability to “walk on water”, this species of scaled lizard has been officially declared as vulnerable because of its decreasing population, it does not seem to be the case in a small village in the Municipality of Jasaan as hundreds of Philippine sailfin lizards flock every day to the humble home of Mr. Rodulfo and Mrs. Alma Dael. Like clockwork, every morning and afternoon the lizards come to the Dael’s humble backyard in large numbers to feed on the kangkong and bananas that the couple and the locals prepare for them.

This strange co-existence that developed between the locals and the wild sailfin lizards have been the topic of curiosity for researchers and tourists for many years. This is the only place in the world that scientists can study the sailfin lizard in different stages in its life up close and personal. Even National Geographic Host Nigel Marven travelled all the way from Europe to this small town to film the lizards. This great opportunity to have a close encounter with these creatures is a once in a lifetime experience!