The Mantianak Botanical and Zoological Park in the Municipality of Sugbongcogon is home to about 80 kinds of animals which was built to not only be an enjoyable zoological park for tourists but also as a haven where visitors can appreciate the natural importance of animals in the ecosystem as it is a wildlife rescue center.

A wide assortment of animals are housed in the park such as Bengal and Siberian tigers, wild boars, crocodiles, deer, and monkeys. The zoo also has rare species of birds, parrots, peacocks, and ostriches. Kids can also have an enjoyable time by feeding the pigeons or talking to the resident Mynahs who perfectly mimic human speech. If you are lucky, you might be able to pet or bottlefeed a tiger cub! Mantianak Botanical and Zoological Park is easily accessible along the main roads of the town and day trips are welcome as cottages for picnics are also located within the area.