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Misamis Occidental

Bounded by bodies of water in three directions, Misamis Occidental is known to its neighbors for beautiful wonders and bountiful fish and seafood for export. The province is once the Northern Mindanao’s center of influence in the mid-18th century. Its current impressive economic gains indicate good and wide business opportunities.


As an ecotourism paradise combined with rich Subanen culture and historic towns and churches, the province definitely meets your needs for a historical and cultural pilgrimage destination, mixed with urban-rural setting. One can enjoy the municipality of Clarin’s House of Suman, a Filipino rice cake delicacy served in 17 uniquely different flavors. Being a coastal province, the towns serve affordable local seafood dishes and mouth-watering farm products and fruits.

The indigenous tribe of Subanens, originally from the Zamboanga Peninsula extended up to the mountains of Misamis Occidental and made it their home. Derived from the Visayan word "suba" or river, the Subanens are known known to settle along riverbanks or near mountain streams where they get their food. A traditional Subanen village with a tribal school is still present in Calamba, Misamis Occidental.

Misamis Occidental is home to one of the country’s ASEAN Heritage Parks, the Mt. Malindang Range. The heritage town of Jimenez in Misamis Occidental has over 200 original ancestral houses that date back to as old as the 1800s. Among the most notable houses are the residence of Senator Ozamiz, the first senator from Mindanao and the Tac-an House that served as the printing press of the "Mickey Mouse" money during the Japanese occupation in the 1940s. The church of St. John the Baptist, owing its Baroque architecture and Renaissance flair is a declared National Cultural Treasure.