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Lanao del Norte

Dubbed as the "Land of Beauty and Bounty", the ecologically rich province of Lanao del Norte is synonymous with unspoiled natural beauty blanketed with thick tropical rain forests and is considered among the best preserved in the country. The province has a very rich and colorful history, mixed culture, and home of the most colorful heritage, the Maranaos.

The Maranao or the "People of the Lake" reside in Lanao del Norte, Iligan CIty, and all over Northern Mindanao. They are known for their colorful folk handicrafts such as the handwoven langkit, brasswares and their savory Moro cuisine. Their intricately adorned mosques and age-old architecture of the "torogan" royal houses are also a sight to behold.

It is a stopover destination tourists would not want to miss. Lanao del Norte is home to several waterfalls, lakes, and valleys. It is endowed with interesting lowland and highland natural spots, famous of which is the Tinago Falls shared by the town of Linamon and the city of Iligan. It is a haven for natural lovers and gives evidence of Mother Nature’s amazing works of wonders. It is one of the most-visited towns in the province, basking in the splendor of its strategic and scenic location. At Dapit Alim in Lanao del Norte, a huge sculpture of an open hand is perched on a 243-step hill. Atop are more art installations and a panoramic view of the bay and the quaint towns that fringe it.


Mt. Inayawan Range Natural Park in Lanao del Norte is a protected rainforest covering 3,986 hectares. Within this landscape are three lakes; Lake Pantar, Lake Songgo and Lake Malaig that supplies water all over the Kapatagan Valley. It is also a sanctuary for endemic endangered species such as the Mindanao Flying Squirrel, Philippine Eagle, Philippine Deer, Mindanao Cops Owl, Mindanao Hornbill, White-Collared Kingfisher and the Philippine Warty Pig. 

The festivals to look forward to in Lanao del Norte include the Alimango Festival in Lala, where hundreds of tons of crabs are put on display, and the Sagingan Festival of Tubod which showcases different varieties of bananas. Also, the province is known as the Motocross Capital of the country and has successfully hosted several motocross competitions, something thrill-seekers within ought to know.