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Agutayan Island and Diving Sanctuary

This crescent moon-shaped sandbar off the coast of Jasaan is a sanctuary for marine wildlife. This white sand treasure is surrounded by clear turquoise waters home to an abundant aquatic life including the region’s rare endangered giant clam species. From the coast of Jasaan, a 40-minute boat ride is needed to reach the island and while on the boat ride, get a clear view of the shorelines of Misamis Oriental or make little splashes in the crystal clear waters. Once in the less than 500 square meter-sized sandbar, you will be surrounded by a marine sanctuary surrounding the island including a reef suited for diving or snorkeling where you can find lionfish, nudibranchs, anemones, angel fish, trigger fish, groupers, hammerheads, gorgonians, pufferfish, porcupines and various colorful fishes roaming underwater.

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