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Gifted with a wide array of nudibranchs, schools of sardines, macro glass shrimps, yellow-tail fish, lionfish and other tropical marine species, Duka Bay resort and the Municipality of Medina have made notable efforts not only to open the area as a dive site for divers from far and wide to explore, but also to preserve and develop this rich underwater treasure for the next generation.

Duka Bay Resort has been awarded with prestigious honors in the past years for their noble efforts to protect, preserve, and foster the marine ecosystem in Medina in Misamis Oriental. The resort is a trailblazer of the coral planting initiative in the area that has since then helped the aquatic wildlife to recover and regenerate. Medina has been one of the hotspots for diving and snorkeling in the region because of the rich variety of fish and corals that thrive in the area and welcome divers with a fantastic display of underwater life. Aside from diving, tourists also who do not want to take a dip to the waters are welcome to enjoy the glass boats that will afford them the same captivating underwater sights.

Indeed, the initiatives of both Duka Bay Resort and the Municipality of Medina are the epitome of sustainable development in tourism, and that while we may be blessed with underwater wonders that are right at our fingertips, their preservation and survival also rest within our hands.  


Off the coast of Jasaan in Misamis Oriental lies one of Northern Mindanao’s underwater jewels for diving and marine wildlife known as the Agutayan Island and Marine Sanctuary. This island is a sandbar which surrounded by clear turquoise waters which we remember is rich not only with a variety of aquatic life but also houses the region’s rare endangered giant clams.
The Agutayan Island is crescent moon in shape and is no more than 500 square meters in area which can be seen from end to end. The marine sanctuary surrounding the island is an amazing reef suited for diving or snorkeling where one can find lionfish, nudibranchs, anemones, angel fish, trigger fish, groupers, hammerheads, gorgonians, pufferfish, porcupines and various colorful fishes roaming underwater.



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The eruption of Mt. Vulcan in 1871 transformed this old cemetery into a pristine marine sanctuary below the waves. A giant cross loom over the site as the landmark of this mysterious historical site beckoning divers to peek under the waters and discover what remains of the cemetery. Part of the beautiful seascape of this famous dive site is an array of six different species of giant-clams. If diving is not for you, you can pose in the view deck or take a boat to the cross’ base to take unforgettable photos of your experience. 

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Mantigue Island is a four-hectare slice of tropical wonderland with a lush mini forest at the center. This island is a diver’s dream because it is teeming with colorful and rare marine creatures such as the endangered hawksbill turtle, nudibranchs, frog fish, sharks and dense schools of fish with a backdrop of amazing gardens of corals and seascapes. No wonder it is a favorite among divers and underwater photographers To complete your experience, you can also taste the sea urchin (uni) offered by the locals on the beach right out of the ocean or better yet sample the freshest catch of the day cooked right at the beach in the traditional Camiguinon way.




Just below the cerulean waters of Camiguin lies a vast aquamarine paradise which was famously hailed by the Asian Dive Magazine as the 6th Best Dive Site in Asia. This rich and unique underwater flora and fauna and the awesomely beautiful Camiguin seascapes was what inspired us to fully develop the Dive Tourism in our Region. The first notable event of this endeavor was the first ever Camiguin Dive Festival. 
Exactly a year ago, over 500 professional and amateur divers, underwater photographers, marine life enthusiasts, and curious sea lovers from various points of the country and the world came together at this premier dive event to marvel at what this diving paradise had to offer. As a result of this, Camiguin Island emerged as one of the most sought after diving destinations in the Philippines. 
Camiguin’s 30 pristine dive sites were put on the center stage such as the favorite Black Forest which boasts of an impressive collection of Black Corals, nudibranchs, and a huge variety of fish and the famous Mantigue Island, a haven for the endangered hawksbill turtle and home to huge schools of jacks, giant trevally, colorful, parrotfish and critters such as the elusive frogfish.  This event is a photographer’s dream, a diver’s ultimate adventure, and a travel junkie’s must-see destination.