Off the coast of Jasaan in Misamis Oriental lies one of Northern Mindanao’s underwater jewels for diving and marine wildlife known as the Agutayan Island and Marine Sanctuary.
This island is a sandbar which is surrounded by clear turquoise waters which we remember is not only rich with a huge variety of aquatic life but also houses the region’s rare endangered giant clams. It is also home to some thresher sharks and giant rays.
The Agutayan Island is a crescent moon in shape and is no more than 500 square meters in the area which can be seen from end to end. The marine sanctuary surrounding the island is an amazing reef suited for diving or snorkeling where one can swim alongside lionfish, nudibranchs, anemones, angelfish, triggerfish, groupers, hammerheads, gorgonians, pufferfish, porcupines, and various colorful fishes carelessly roaming amidst a breathtaking display of corals.


Agutayan Island


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