Bukidnon is labeled as the highland province in the heart of Mindanao. Its name is derived from the Visayan term, “bukid” which means mountain and is predominantly rolling grassland plateau with an elevation of 915 meters. The uplands, deep canyons, and valleys alternating with the low plains create a refreshing vista for dwellers and travelers alike. The province is rich in cultural treasures with the presence of its seven hill tribes who gather together once a year in a festival dubbed as Kaamulan.

Bukidnon's culture is rich in history and color as it is highly influenced by the seven ethnic hilltribes of the Talaandig, Higa-onon, Bukidnon, Umayamnon, Matigsalug, Manobo and Tigwahanon. They express their artistry in traditional handicrafts such as weaving, basketry, beadworks, brassworks, and patchworks.

Mt. Kitanglad, declared as an ASEAN Heritage Park in 2009 is the 3rd highest peak in Mindanao and the 4th highest in the Philippines. Opposite it is the Mt. Kalatungan. Although smaller the Mt. Kitanglad, mountaineers find it a more challenging mountain to climb. It is also rich in biodiversity with at least 129 different animal species.

The Monastery of Transfiguration is a Benedictine monastery designed by National Artist for Architecture, Leandro Locsin. This is also home to the famous Monk's Blend coffee. freshly harvested from the Monastery's plantation. Also within the Monastery complex is the Museum of Liturgical Vestments curated by Dom Martin Gomez. He was particularly knwon as Gang Gomes in his previous endearment as a courtier who once dressed famous personalities.

In the town of Manolo Fortich is Kampo Juan, a heritage-themed agri-tourism farm site set in the woods. It takes pride of the Heritage House, a traditional bahay na bato mansion from Pangasinan. It was transferred to Bukidnon and assembled plank-to-plank. The house also contains precious art collections of Dr. Juan Acosta's family. Among them are the first edition of the Tagalog translation of Noli Me Tangere and paintings of Anita Magsaysay Ho.